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Miscellaneous Topics

  • W. B. Allan
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As the technology of fibre optics developed and the manufacturing techniques became established, there arose an interest in the application of these techniques in areas outside the generally accepted field of fibre optics, viz the guidance of visible light by channels large compared to the wavelength of light being used. In this chapter, a few of the more interesting ones will be discussed; at the moment these are of slight commercial importance owing either to a high manufacturing cost or to the lack of a suitable market, but there is no doubt that this situation will alter in the future as the development of the technology progresses. The areas to be covered are the use of fibre optics outside the visible spectrum, the properties of the optical fibre as an active system, and the properties of an optical fibre with a continuous radial change in refractive index instead of the normal discrete step at the core — sheath interface.


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Chapter Ten — Miscellaneous Topics

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