Intake of Sulphur and Excretion of Sulphate

  • W. J. O’Connor


S in cells is in organic forms, largely the S containing amino acids. Inorganic SO4 is regarded as being unable to enter tissue cells, but distributing itself by diffusion through the plasma and interstitial fluid. The dilution volume of injected radiosulphate is the same as that of mannitol and thiosulphate (Swan, Madisso and Pitts, 1954) and in the conventional simplified model of the body fluid these dilution volumes are regarded as measuring the extracellular volume of 0.23 litres/kg body weight in both dog and man (p. 300). Walser, Seldin and Grollman (1953) recorded the progressive fall of radiosulphate in arterial blood following its intravenous injection and concluded that uniform distribution between plasma and interstitial fluid was reached within 30 min.


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