Ultrasound Examination of the Thorax

  • G. Marchal
  • J. Verschakelen
  • E. Verbeken
  • A. L. Baert
  • J. Lauweryns


Although many investigators have examined the potentials of ultrasonography in the thoracic area (1–51), this technique has never become a general accepted and routinely used imaging modality of the chest. Some of the reasons for this fact are:
  • Ultrasound does not pass through air and bone; therefore, its use in the chest is limited to lesions that either abut or arise from the mediastinum, the chest wall, or the diaphragm.

  • With the introduction of real-time ultrasound it is no longer possible to obtain overview images of the thoracic wall, the diaphragm, or the mediastinum.

  • The high accuracy of other thoracic diagnostic techniques often makes ultrasound superfluous or complimentary to other examinations.


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  • J. Verschakelen
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