Radionuclide Studies of the Lung

  • K. Anger


Radionuclide pulmonary studies are filling the diagnostic gap between morphologic lung imaging—chest x-ray and computed tomography—and total pulmonary function tests, such as bronchospirometry. Radionuclide techniques assess in a simple, noninvasive manner parameters of regional pulmonary function. To exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide efficiently, a nearly uniform distribution of regional blood flow and ventilation is necessary. If changes in one component are not matched by corresponding changes in the other, gas exchange becomes inefficient. Regional perfusion changes are readily demonstrated by the pulmonary perfusion scan, the most simple and common radionuclide study of the lung. Assessment of regional ventilation and bronchial clearance is more delicate, and so far there are no routine techniques to explore regional diffusion and gas exchange. Investigative tentatives, however, exist.


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