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Matrices and linear transformations

  • Larry Smith
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We come now to the connecting link between linear transformations and matrices. Our approach will be to consider first the case of a linear transformation
$$ {\text{T}}:{R^3} \to {R^3} $$
in some detail and then abstract the salient features to the general case. Let us therefore suppose given a fixed linear transformation \( {\text{T}}:{R^3} \to {R^3} \). As usual we will denote by E1, E2, E3 the standard basis vectors (1,0,0), (0, 1, 0), (0, 0, 1) in ℝ3. Let
$${\text{T}}({{\text{E}}_1}){\text{ = }}({a_{11}},{a_{21}},{a_{31}}){\text{T}}({{\text{E}}_2}){\text{ = }}({a_{12}},{a_{22}},{a_{32}}){\text{T}}({{\text{E}}_3}){\text{ = }}({a_{13}},{a_{23}},{a_{33}})$$


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