Interaction of Human Brain Neuraminidase with Tritium—Labelled Gangliosides

  • R. W. Veh
  • R. Schauer
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Since the first demonstration of neuraminidase activity in mammals (1,2), the brain was recognised as a major source of this enzyme. In this organ soluble activity could be detected (3,4), however in most species the bulk of the enzyme proved to be membrane-bound. The first detailed description of a mammalian brain neuraminidase was given by Leibovitz and Gatt (5). Working with calf brain these investigators were able to solubilise about 30% of the neuraminidase activity by sequential treatment with sodium cholate and Triton X-100, and they obtained by this procedure an enzyme preparation purified sixfold over the starting material. Attempts to further purify the enzyme were unsuccessful. A modification of this method has been used in a detailed study of the neuraminidase present in human brain by Öhman et al. (3), but also in this case no further purification could be achieved.


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