Thermal Properties of a New Series of Liquid Crystal Forming Materials: p,p′-DI-n-Alkyldiphenyl and p,p′-DI-n-Alkoxy-Diphenyldiacetylenes

  • E. M. BarrallII
  • Barbara Grant
  • Annie R. Gregges


It is impossible to predict the mesomorphic behavior (if any) of a compound using modern liquid crystal theory. When the compound belongs to an already recognized liquid crystalline homologous series, it is safe to assume that some liquid crystal behavior will be exhibited. Given the heats and temperatures of transition of neighboring homologs, the transition entropy of the new homolog may be estimated.1 However, if the compound in question belongs to an entirely new homologus series, only intuition and previous experience furnish any guide to possible mesomorphic properties.


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  • E. M. BarrallII
    • 1
  • Barbara Grant
    • 1
  • Annie R. Gregges
    • 1
  1. 1.IBM Research LaboratorySan JoseUSA

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