Dehydrogenases of the Plasma Membrane



Oxidation-reduction reactions are widespread in biological systems and are basic to life processes and cellular metabolism. Nicotinamide-nucleotide-linked electron transport is generally part of a complex chain or array of carriers linked both structurally and functionally to cellular membranes. Some of the carriers may be loosely bound to the membrane or even “soluble” in the cytoplasm; others are structured as integral proteins of the membrane. The most widely studied are those of the electron-transport system found in and restricted to the inner mitochondrial membrane. Here, a sequence of components is organized mostly on the inner mitochondrial membrane with three sites of potential energy coupling to ATP formation (DePierre and Ernster, 1977).


Endoplasmic Reticulum NADPH Oxidase Adenylate Cyclase Xanthine Oxidase NADH Dehydrogenase 
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