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Regulation and Actions of Gastrointestinal Somatostatin

  • Gary L. Pittenger
  • Aaron I. Vinik
  • Andrea A. Heldsinger
  • Susan Seino
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 188)


Somatostatin (SS), first isolated from ovine hypothalami (1), is also present in large amounts in the gut in several species including man (2–5), providing the second largest store of tissue SS in the body. In the gut the peptide is found in neural structures in the deep submucosa and muscularis and muscularis mucosae (6), as well as in endocrine cells located in the mucosal layer and the epithelia of gut segments (7, 8). The SS containing nerve terminals are spread diffusely along the gatrointestinal tract; the endocrine cells are found concentrated in the fundus and antrum of the stomach, the pancreas, and spread diffusely throughout the rest of gastrointestinal tract (2, 6, 7). The functional correlate of this distribution has not been established. It does appear that circulating SS originates predominantly from the stomach, which may prove to be the primary source for the systemic hormonal form of the peptide (9). Percutaneous transhepatic venous sampling in humans for estimation of SS-like immunoreactivity (SS-LI) levels reveals the highest concentrations in the gastroepiploic vein and the gastrocolic trunk without a positive gradient in the splenic or mesenteric veins (10). Thus, the stomach is likely to be the major source of circulating SS and it is unlikely that the pancreas, small, or large bowel contribute in any measure.


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