Designing Molds for Thermoset Processing



A successful and profitable thermoset molding operation is dependent on the selection of the proper type of molding equipment, the plant layout, the method of molding, and molds that have been engineered properly and are of superior construction. A poor mold design or an inferior mold will produce a part that is costly in that it may require subsequent finishing operations before it can be shipped. Processors of thermoset raw materials must constantly keep abreast of new molding methods and new and improved mold steels or nonferrous alloys. They also must make sure their mold suppliers are aware of the newer, more advanced techniques for making molds (computer-controlled machining equipment, spark or chemical erosion processes, etc.). This chapter will cover the methods of molding and mold design for thermosets. It does not discuss mold machining or mold manufacturing, which are covered in Chapter 7.


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