Pathogenesis of Arachnoid Cysts in Relation to the Mechanism of Cerebrospinal Fluid Absorption

  • K. G. Go
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The history of our evolving knowledge of arachnoid cysts illustrates the misconceptions that have existed about their nature and pathogenesis. In the past, arachnoid cysts were confused with pockets of the true sub-arachnoid space, which have been sequestered by arachnoid adhesions following trauma or infection, and which are presently known as leptomeningeal cysts or false arachnoid cysts.1 It may presumably explain the persisting belief in the existence of arachnoid cysts that originate from trauma. Contrary to arachnoid cysts, these leptomeningeal cysts are readily accessible from the subarachnoid space, as demonstrated by radioisotope cisternography studies.2 Moreover, leptomeningeal cysts have shown a smooth wall surface when viewed by scanning electron microscopy,3 whereas the walls of arachnoid cysts tend to show fenestrations and microvilli of diverse shapes (Figure 5.1).


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