Cortical Cysts

  • Concezio Di Rocco
  • Massimo Caldarelli
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The arachnoid cysts that develop over the cerebral convexity differ from those localized in other intracranial regions, because of the apparent lack of any anatomical relationship with a cisternal space. In fact, the scissura of Sylvius, an extension of which has been hypothesized as giving rise to at least those arachnoid cysts overlying the cerebral cortex, which reach considerable proportions, is classed among the sulci rather than the cisternae by the majority of authors.1 The cysts of the cerebral convexity should not be confused with focal accumulations of cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF), which are frequent in the sulci of the medial frontoparietal convexities in the form of lakes or pockets, freely communicating with the subarachnoid space.2 On the other hand, arachnoid cysts of the cerebral convexities do not usually show any communication with the surrounding fluid spaces, both in cases of small-sized lesions and huge cysts extending all over the cerebral hemisphere.


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