The m-Sequence

  • R. K. Rao Yarlagadda
  • John E. Hershey
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A recursion that has been of exceptional value to the electrical engineering discipline as a whole and to the specific arts of communications, radar and signal processing in specific, is
$$x(m) = x(m - {{\delta }_{1}}) \cdot x(m - {{\delta }_{2}}) \cdots x(m - {{\delta }_{r}}) \cdot x(m - n) $$
where the {x(i)} ∈ {±1} and the {δ i } are integers with 0 < {δ i } < n. It is clear that the sequence produced. {x(m)} , m = 0,1,2,... is periodic and can be extended forwards and backwards as far as desired. Under certain conditions, the sequence period will be 2 n — 1.


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