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HACCP as a way of life — maintaining your HACCP System



Having completed the HACCP Study and ensured that the CCPs are being monitored, many people breathe a sigh of relief and congratulate themselves that they are using HACCP to manage food safety. But the HACCP Study was completed at a point in time and if it is to remain as effective as it was on the day it was written it must be maintained and verified as continuing to be effective. Like any Quality Management System, the ongoing maintenance of the HACCP System is where the benefit really lies. The initial study will result in a system that will act as a benchmark for future improvements — driven through identification of weaknesses and by taking corrective action. HACCP should be seen as a way of life throughout the entire company from the moment that the initial studies are completed and the implementation is under way. In this chapter we will consider some of the activities that can drive the system forward, making it live instead of being a set of documents on the QA Manager’s office shelf. These include the HACCP Audit, microbiological and chemical testing, analysis of data, awareness of new emerging hazards, ongoing training requirements, and keeping the HACCP Plan up to date. This is the final key stage of HACCP (see Figure 8.1).


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