Database Fundamentals

  • Vijay Kumar
  • Sang H. Son
Part of the The Kluwer International Series on Advances in Database Systems book series (ADBS, volume 12)


The world that we perceive can be defined in terms of objects. Thus, from our viewpoint, a university, a grocery store, or a bank, and so on, are objects. Every object, for example, a university or a grocery store is associated with a property set, which defines its behavior and the history of its existence. A member of this property set is identified by the term Attribute. The behavior of the object is represented by the changing values of a set of its attributes and the existence of the object is represented by a log of all values these attributes have been assigned so far. For example, a grocery store has a “Name” which may change, it has a “Size” which might grow or shrink, and so on. The process of changing the values of different attributes is usually interdependent. For example, the name from “Grocery Store” to “Supermarket” is dependent on the change in the value of its Size attribute.


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