Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, Arterial Compliance, and Aging

  • Mary J. Roman
  • Antonello Ganau
  • Pier Sergio Saba
  • Richard B. Devereux
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An increase in arterial stiffness (or decrease in compliance) is a common feature of both the aging process1,2 and of hypertension3,4. The increase in vascular stiffness associated with aging is due to structural changes within the capacitance arteries resulting in an increase in pulse wave velocity, an alteration in arterial pressure waveform and the age-associated increase in systolic blood pressure1,5,6. In hypertension, the increase in vascular stiffness may simply reflect the increase in distending pressure, particularly when arterial stiffness is estimated using pressure-dependent indices3,7–9, but may also indicate an alteration in the physical properties of the vasculature due to structural changes attributable to hypertension per se 10. Although both hypertension and the aging process are associated with characteristic changes in left ventricular structure11,12, the extent to which vascular structural and functional alterations contribute, independently of blood pressure, to left ventricular remodelling is not well understood.


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  • Antonello Ganau
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  • Pier Sergio Saba
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  • Richard B. Devereux
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  2. 2.Istituto di Clinica MedicaUniversita di SassariSassariItaly

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