Analytical Chemistry of Scandium and Yttrium

  • Chaim T. Horovitz
Part of the Biochemistry of the Elements book series (BOTE, volume 13A)


Early investigations of scandium and yttrium depended on rather unsatisfactory analytical methods. Due to a lack of interest in these elements progress in their analysis was relatively slow. During the last two decades there was an obvious increase of research into their biological significance and applications. The sophistication of instrumentation and changes in the concepts of analytical chemistry (Tölg, 1992) now offer increased sensitivity and selectivity in trace and ultra-trace analysis. The analysis of scandium and yttrium in various matrices is of increasing importance in numerous fields of applications in medicine, biological sciences, technology, and in environmental problems. Details about the analytical chemistry of these elements are contained in monographs (Wilson and Wilson, 1959-1990;Crompton, 1989;Vandecasteele and Block,1993; Herber and Stoeppler, 1994;Alfassi, 1994), or such works devoted to specific methods of analysis. Earlier works on the analytical chemistry of these elements were reviewed (Busev et al., 1970;Horovitz, 1975). Also, patents were assigned solely to scandium and yttrium, or jointly with other elements a (Kamei and Okushita, 1989; Degtev et al., 1989;, Herchenröder and Burkholder, 1990).


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