Connectin: From Regular to Giant Sizes of Sarcomeres

  • Koscak Maruyama
  • Sumiko Kimura
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 481)


In 1968, the late Professor John W. S. Pringle invited Koscak Maruyama (KM) to work on actomyosin ATPase activity of indirect flight muscle of the waterbug in his ARC Unit of Muscular Mechanics at Oxford. KM spent a few months there in 1968 as well as in 1972. During his stay in Oxford, he came across Charles Trombitás’ work on the fine structure of insect flight muscle with special reference to C-filament, now known as projectin filament (Trombitás and Tigyi-Sebes, 1977).


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  • Sumiko Kimura
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  1. 1.National Center for University Entrance Examinations Tokyo and Department of BiologyChiba UniversityChibaJapan

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