Potential Role of Endosomes in Transmembrane Signaling

  • M. N. Khan
  • W. H. Lai
  • J. W. Burgess
  • B. I. Posner
  • J. J. M. Bergeron
Part of the Subcellular Biochemistry book series (SCBI, volume 19)


After ligands bind to their surface receptors on target cells, the ligand-receptor complexes undergo aggregation and internalization. This process of receptormediated endocytosis leads to the concentration of ligand-receptor complexes in a heterogeneous population of tubulovesicular structures that has been distinguished from plasma membrane, lysosomes, and Golgi elements. These structures, now called endosomes, are not clearly characterized by a specific enzyme or protein marker but rather by their unique property to concentrate internalized ligand-receptor complexes. It is widely appreciated that, within endosomes, ligand-receptor complexes are directed toward dissociation and receptor recycling or toward transcytosis, with ligand undergoing degradation in the former situation or transcellular passage in the latter. It has been suggested that, in addition to this sorting function, endosomes play a role in signal transduction.


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