The Endocytic Compartments of Normal and Regenerating Liver

  • Carlos Enrich
  • W. Howard Evans
Part of the Subcellular Biochemistry book series (SCBI, volume 19)


The liver is pivotally positioned to remove a wide range of molecules circulating in the blood, thereby acting as a key organ in the regulation of blood composition. The basolateral plasma membrane, especially the blood-facing sinusoidal domain of the hepatocyte, contains a large number of various receptors that account for the liver’s ability to selectively and efficiently endocytose and metabolize a variety of ligands (see Table I). Endocytotic uptake of ligands from the blood circulating in the space of Disse is a multistep process. Receptor-ligand complexes assembled at coated regions and probably also at morphologically undifferentiated regions of the plasma membrane are internalized within minutes to a membrane-bound compartment described variously as compartment for uncoupling of receptors and ligands (CURL), receptosomes, diacytosomes, endosomes, prelysosomal compartment, and so forth. In this chapter we will use the composite term endocytic compartment to describe the complex membrane networks present in all animal cells where the intracellular sorting of internalized ligands and receptors occurs. Subcellular fractions prepared from liver homogenates and composed largely of membrane vesicles originating from the endocytic compartment will be termed endosomes.


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