Divergent T-cell Cytokine Profiles Induced by Dendritic Cells from Different Tissues

  • Michael P. Everson
  • William J. Koopman
  • Kenneth W. Beagley
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Dendritic cells (DC) were originally described by Steinman and Cohn in 1973. 1, 2 Their methods of splenic DC isolation have involved the flotation of murine spleen (SP) cells on dense bovine serum albumin (BSA) gradients and differential glass or plastic adherence of SP cells. Nonadherent Peyer’s patch (PP) DC were isolated in our laboratory by Spalding and coworkers in 1983. 3 These methods employed flotation of PP cells on dense BSA gradients, clustering of DC within the buoyant PP population with periodate-modified SP T cells, dissociation of clusters, and final BSA flotation of enriched PP DC.


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