Human Bone Marrow Contains Potent Stimulatory Cells for the Allogeneic MLR With the Phenotype of Dendritic Cells

  • William Egner
  • Judith L. McKenzie
  • Stewart M. Smith
  • Michael E. J. Beard
  • Derek N. J. Hart
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 329)


Lymphoid and interstitial dendritic cells (DC) originate from the bone marrow (BM) in rodents, 1,2 as does the human Langerhans cell, 3 but cells with appropriate morphological features and stimulatory properties have yet to be isolated from fresh, uncultured marrow in these species. We have shown that human BM, unlike that of rodents, is capable of stimulating resting T cells in the allogeneic mixed leucocyte reaction (MLR)4,5 without a period of in-vitro differentiation.


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  • Judith L. McKenzie
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  • Stewart M. Smith
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  • Michael E. J. Beard
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  • Derek N. J. Hart
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  1. 1.Haematology/Immunology Research GroupChristchurch School of Medicine Christchurch HospitalChristchurchNew Zealand

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