Rat Thymic Dendritic Cells: Flow Cytometry Analysis

  • María Purificacion Bañuls
  • Alberto Alvarez
  • Isabel Ferrero
  • Agustín Zapata
  • Carlos Ardavin
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Thymic dendritic cells (DC) are considered to be involved in negative selection of T cells leading to the acquisition of self-tolerance1,2, and many lines of evidence suggest that they may participate in the maturational process of thymocyte development3, in the clonal amplification of mature medullary thymocytes4, and in intrathymic presentation of non-MHC antigens5,6. Besides, recent reports analyzing the cell surface markers of murine thymic DC7,8 have demonstrated that these cells express some interesting molecules, particularly the CD8 antigen. The expression of CD8 by thymic DC may promote a mechanism for elimination of self-reactive thymocytes, as Sambhara and Miller9 have demonstrated that clonal deletion can be triggered if T cells that have been signaled through their TCR, also receive a second signal through the α3 domain of their class I MHC molecules, which can be delivered by a CD8 molecule.


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