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Mineral Water and Other Bottled Waters

  • Alan H. Varnam
  • Jane P. Sutherland


Bottled mineral waters have been consumed for many years either as a ‘safe’ form of water in areas where mains supplies are of dubious quality or because of the perceived therapeutic effects of minerals present. In recent years, however, there has been a very large increase in sales of natural mineral waters in countries such as the UK where consumption was previously limited. This may be attributed to two main causes: firstly, adverse publicity, in many cases misplaced, concerning the safety of mains water and, secondly, the perception of spring, or other natural waters, not only as a ’healthful’ drink but as representing a ’healthful’ and sophisticated life-style. Despite this many non-carbonated bottled waters have been found to contain large numbers of viable micro-organisms (see page 12).


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  • Alan H. Varnam
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  • Jane P. Sutherland
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  2. 2.Reading LaboratoryInstitute of Food ResearchReadingUK

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