Mycoplasma — Animal Pathogens

  • Richard F. Ross
Part of the Federation of European Microbilogical Societies Symposium Series book series (FEMS, volume 62)


Nine members of the genus Mycoplasma and one of the genus Ureaplasma have been shown to cause disease in cattle. M. bovis is a cause of septicemia, arthritis, mastitis, and pneumonia; M. dispar is a cause of pneumonia; M. bovoculi is a cause of conjunctivitis, along with Moraxella bovis; M. bovigenitalium is an occasional cause of seminal vesiculitis; and M. mycoides subsp. mycoides SC causes contagious bovine pleuropneumonia. Ureaplasma diversum is a cause of pneumonia, vulvovaginitis and infertility in cattle. Several species are known to be involved in mastitis in cattle, including M. bovis, M. alkalescens, M. canadense, M. californicum, M. bovigenitalium, and an unnamed mycoplasma known as Bovine Group 7. Other species isolated from cattle, but not specifically related to disease processes include M. arginini, M. alvi, M. bovirhinis, M. verecundum, and several species of acholeplasmas and anaeroplasmas. Useful references providing overviews of information about the bovine mycoplasmas and the associated diseases include those by Barile et al. (1985), Gourlay and Howard (1978), Gourlay and Howard (1979), Gourlay and Howard (1983), Jasper (1981), Nitzschke (1985), and Ross (1985a). Reference citations in this review will focus primarily on the latest information on bovine mycoplasmas.


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