Ethanol and Cell Tyrosine Kinase

  • Shivendra D. Shukla
  • Cindy Y. Zhu
  • Ilsa I. Rovira
  • Archie W. ThurstonJr.


Virtually no part of the body is spared by the effects of ethanol. Cells are the primary targets (Alcohol and Health, NIAAA Report, 1990). Ethanol has long been known to affect cell metabolism and enzyme activities (Hawkins and Kalant, 1972). Ethanol is metabolized in cells predominantly to acetaldehyde which can cause damaging effects. One of the first interactions of ethanol on a cell is with the cell membrane (Goldstein and Chin, 1981; Sun and Sun, 1985; Taraschi and Rubin, 1985). There is evidence that ethanol in the concentration range 50–500 mM has influences on membrane fluidity (Harris and Schroeder, 1981). Further, the effects of ethanol on membranes can be more discrete as it modifies lateral and vertical lipid domains (Wood et al., 1989).


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