Membrane Cholesterol and Ethanol: Domains, Kinetics, and Protein Function

  • W. Gibson Wood
  • A. Muralikrishna Rao
  • Friedhelm Schroeder
  • Urule Igbavboa


Approximately 15 years ago, Chin and Goldstein (1977) published a study that was the stimulus for a major effort towards understanding the mechanisms involved in cellular tolerance to ethanol. They had shown that membranes of ethanol-tolerant mice were resistant to the fluidizing effects of ethanol in vitro. This finding has been replicated in several different laboratories using different techniques and different types of membranes (Crews et al., 1983; Harris et al., 1984; Waring et al., 1982; Rottenberg et al., 1981; Ponnappa et al., 1982; Kelly-Murphy et al., 1983; Taraschi et al., 1986; Taraschi et al., 1990; Wood et al., 1989b). Resistance to ethanol-induced fluidization has also been reported in erythrocyte membranes of alcoholics patients (Beauge et al., 1985; Wood et al., 1987).


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