• Kosmas Prassides


Recent structural and dynamical studies of C60 and C70 fullerenes and their derivatives in the solid state are reviewed. Orientational ordering of the fullerene molecules is accompanied by drastic changes in the rotational dynamics and structural phase transitions. Solid C60 undergoes a first-order phase transition at 260 K from a face-centred to a simple cubic structure. The isotropic molecular reorientations change abruptly to quasi-random jump motion between nearly-degenerate orientations differing in energy by 11.4(3) meV. A transition to an orientational glass state occurs at 85 K. Static disorder dominates the crystal chemistry of C70. The orientational ordering transitions from the high temperature face-centred cubic structure to the low temperature rhombohedral and monoclinic phases are accompanied by severe hysteresis effects. The rotational dynamic behaviour changes progressively on cooling from isotropic to anisotropic to uniaxial reorientations about the unique molecular axis. High pressure diffraction experiments reveal that C70 has a smaller compressibility than C60. Disorder effects are also present well in the superconducting state for the potassium fulleride K3C60 The C603- units perform small-amplitude librational motions up to 650 K. Measurements of the phonon spectra of K3C60 reveal substantial broadening of fivefold degenerate Hg intramolecular vibrational modes both in the low-energy radial and the high-energy tangential part of the spectrum. This provides evidence for a traditional phonon-mediated mechanism of superconductivity in the fullerides but with an electron-phonon coupling strength distributed over a wide range of energies (33–195 meV) as a result of the finite curvature of the fullerene spherical cage..


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