Conventional Construction Surface Facilities Design Progress

  • Robert H. JanowskiJr.
  • Jack H. Clifton


The engineering design of the surface facilities for the SSC is a large and diverse task totaling 27 primary projects budgeted at $299,000,000. Design is either completed or in progress on 25 of the 27 projects, with design completion at 83 percent. Construction contract values on these projects range from $200,000 to $46, 700,000. These 25 projects are on schedule, supporting the technical operation of the laboratory, and are overall within five percent of budget. The big success story of the past two years on the surface has been the fast-track design/construction of the accelerator systems string test facility, with a phased occupancy in October 1991. By September 1992, the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory (SSCL) had successfully proven the operation of the cold magnets string, and had done it several weeks ahead of the first critical technical schedule milestone for the project.


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