The Quark Mixing Matrix and Cp Violation

  • C. Jarlskog
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 322)


An introduction is given to the quark mixing matrix and CP violation. The topics discussed include Classification of Symmetries, the Discrete P, C and CP Symmetries, the Electroweak Model, the Lagrangian of the Electroweak Model, the Quark Mass Terms and the Origin of CP Violation, Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, the Quark Mixing Matrix, the Number of Families, CP Violation with Three Families, the KM Type Parametrizations of the Quark Mixing Matrix, Unitarity Triangles and the CP Violation Area, the Commutator Formalism for CP Violation, Manifestations of CP Violation, and Comments on CP Violation in the Beauty Sector.


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