The Arrangement of tRNA in the Ribosome

  • Alexander S. Spirin
  • Valery I. Lim
  • Richard Brimacombe


The main reaction performed by the translating ribosome is transpeptidation. Two substrates participating in the reaction are peptidyltRNA and aminoacyl-tRNA:

\( {\text{Pept(n) - tRNA' + Aa - tRNA''}} \to {\text{ tRN}}{{\text{A'}}_{{\text{OH}}}}{\text{ + Pept(n + 1) - tRNA''}}{\text{.}} \)

The substrate-binding sites of the ribosome for the two substrates, peptidyl-tRNA and aminoacyl-tRNA, are called the P and A sites, respectively. This is the principal definition of the two sites.


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  • Valery I. Lim
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  • Richard Brimacombe
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  2. 2.Abteilung WittmannMax-Planck-Institut für Molekulare GenetikBerlin 33Germany

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