Extrinsic Factors in Ribosome Assembly

  • Jean-Hervé Alix


Total reconstitution, in vitro, of ACTIVE procaryotic 30s and 50s ribosomal subunits by self-assembly does not exclude the participation of extrinsic (non ribosomal) factors involved in ribosomal assembly in vivo,as already pointed out by Nierhaus (1991). The facts available at present in support of this idea are: the essentially different characteristics between in vitro and in vivo ribosome assembly, the occurence of post-translational modifications affecting several ribosomal proteins, the discovery of the rim genetic loci, and of other extraribosomal genetic determinants revealed as extragenic suppressors of mutations blocking ribosome assembly, and finally the possible role of the chaperone DnaK in ribosome biogenesis.


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