The Major Glycosylation Pathways of Mammalian Membranes A Summary

  • Ajit Varki
  • Hudson H. Freeze
Part of the Subcellular Biochemistry book series (SCBI, volume 22)


Many types of cellular membranes have sugar chains (Oligosaccharides or gly-cans) attached to a variety of their constituent macromolecules. Such glycosy-lated macromolecules are called glycoconjugates. This chapter will broadly scan the subject of structure and biosynthesis of Oligosaccharides on glycoconjugates, primarily in higher animal cells. The classification of different types of Oligosaccharides will be based on the type of linkage that joins them to the nonsugar component (aglycone), rather than on the types of sugars (monosaccharides) found in the chains. As shown in Table I, this classification is slightly different from the more conventional categories and nomenclature used for glycoconjugates in the past. This change is made because it is now clear that the aglycone usually determines the initiation step in creating a glycoconjugate and can have an influence upon the further buildup of a more complex glycan. Furthermore, the traditional boundaries between the different types of glycoconjugates as previously described have become blurred.


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