Retargetable Compilation of Self-Test Programs Using Constraint Logic Programming

  • Ulrich Bieker
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This chapter presents a retargetable code generator specialized in the compilation of self-test programs and exploiting new techniques from Constraint Logic Programming (CLP). Firstly, we show how CLP can be exploited to improve the software production process especially for retargetable code generation and test generation. CLP combines the declarative paradigm of logic programming with the efficiency of constraint solving techniques. CLP systems come with built-in mechanisms for solving constraints over various domains. For example, satisfiability checkers support Boolean constraints and IP-solvers support integer domains. Furthermore, CLP makes it easier to solve problems concurrently, e.g. the phase coupling problem during code generation.

Secondly, we present a solution for testing embedded processors. Thus we exploit CLP techniques for retargetable code generation to generate self-test programs, given a set of test patterns for each of the register transfer processor components.


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