Bottom-Up Scheduling with Wormhole and Circuit Switched Routing

  • Kanad Ghose
  • Neelima Mehdiratta


We present a static list scheduling technique for assigning tasks of a parallel program described as a task graph onto a distributed memory multiprocessor (DMM). Our technique factors in the impact of inter-task communication delays in heuristics for processor selection and channel assignment. Unlike conventional list schedulers that schedule task graph nodes top-down, we schedule task graph nodes bottom-up to get a better estimate of the scheduling weight of a task in the face of finite communication delays [2]. In [3] and [4], we applied and evaluated our scheduler for message switched architectures for a variety of interconnection topologies. This paper describes our scheduling technique as applied to hypercube connected systems using wormhole and circuit-switched routing.




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Authors and Affiliations

  • Kanad Ghose
    • 1
  • Neelima Mehdiratta
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Computer ScienceState University of New YorkBinghamtonUSA

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