Joint evaluation of all components



As failure detection loses its prevailing importance, failure prevention comes into vogue, as stated in Table 3.1. The first step in failure prevention is the thorough evaluation of all new components. Evaluation means extended tests on a few samples of a component type as a first step towards its qualification. Due to the high complexity of modern electronic systems, high values of MTBF have to be realized. Therefore the importance of the qualification of electronic components is growing. This results from the fact that quality can only be improved when it is designed into the product. Therefore the goal for vendor and customer must be a joint qualification. The objective is, on the one hand, to avoid any duplication of work. The results of all characterization tests done by the vendor should be made available to the customer. The customer, on the other hand, should help the vendor to improve the components by transferring all the knowledge gained by evaluation and application back to the vendor. So a joint evaluation is indispensable to improving quality at a reasonable cost.


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