Factory layout and hygiene

  • Peter R. Whiteley


There are so many imponderable factors concerning factory layout and hygiene that only the basic principles can be discussed. The types of products, the variety of plant, the degree of automation, bulk handling, the mode of despatch, the amount of capital available, and the provision for future expansion, are some of the incalculable factors affecting the requirements and limitations of factory layout. Existing buildings also influence planning, but whatever the beginnings and the ends, certain basic principles must be observed. Superficially, hygiene may have little to do with layout, but the biscuit manufacturer has an inescapable duty to the public to produce biscuits that are not only free from dirt, but are also sanitary and free from infection. The two are not synonymous, but are frequently closely related, and factory layout should be planned with hygiene as well as production and cost in mind.


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