The Disassembly and Safe Disposal of Alkali-Metal Systems

  • Norbert Schwarz


Starting in 1968 a continuous liquid metal research program was conducted at the Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf for approximately 20 years. In the beginning fast reactor research with respect to material testing and safety requirements in sodium were the main topics. Later on emphasis shifted to the investigation of topping cycles with potassium as the working fluid. After the cancellation of international co-operation, research activities went on for some years, but in 1989 the decision was taken to end all liquid metal research to give room for new projects and activities. As a result of this decision the following test facilities had to be dismantled: sodium: 2 test facilities with a total inventory of 400 1 sodium; potassium: 2 test facilities and 7 smaller experimental rigs with a total inventory of 800 1 potassium.


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