Comparison of Sidelobes of Limited Diffraction Beams and Localized Waves

  • Jian-yu Lu
  • James F. Greenleaf
Part of the Acoustical Imaging book series (ACIM, volume 21)


Limited diffraction beams are a class of non-spreading solutions to the isotropic/homogeneous scalar wave equation. The first limited diffraction beam, called Bessel beam, was discovered by Durnin in 1987.1 Later, Lu and Greenleaf discovered families of limited diffraction beams2,3 that include all the limited diffraction beams known previously, in addition to an infinity of new beams. One family of limited diffraction beams has an X-like shape along the beam axis and was termed X wave. X waves are different from the Bessel beam because they have multiple frequencies.2


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  • Jian-yu Lu
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  • James F. Greenleaf
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  1. 1.Biodynamics Research Unit, Department of Physiology and BiophysicsMayo Clinic/FoundationRochesterUSA

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