The Interaction of Trophoblast with Endometrial Stroma

  • John D. Aplin
  • Stanley R. Glasser
Part of the Reproductive Biology book series (RBIO)


Implantation involves initial interaction between the embryo and uterine epithelium. Where placentation is chorio-epithelial, this relationship continues throughout gestation. In other cases in which invasion occurs, the embryo interacts with mesenchymal elements of the uterus. In species showing interstitial implantation, the embryo-stromal inter-relationship is much more long-lived than the embryo-epithelial interaction and arguably more important in the success of the pregnancy since it is the means by which the embryo gains access to nutrients supplied through the maternal blood stream (Mossman, 1987). The intention of this short article is not to review decidualisation or placentation, but to comment on model systems that may offer promise for an improved understanding of morphogenesis in the trophoblastic interaction with maternal stroma in rodent and primate.


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