Hemodynamic Actions of Huatuo Reconstruction Pill on Anesthetized Animals

  • Huang Shou Jian
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 363)


The Huatuo reconstruction pill (HTRP) is a Chinese traditional herbal preparation which has been used for hundreds of years with remarkable effect on the cerebral palsy. The significant increase in both the common and internal carotid blood flow and the positive inotropic action on the heart were observed in anesthetized cat, dog and rabbit experiments following intravenous (iv) injection of HTRP extract 0.125 to 1.0 ml per kilogram body weight. 1.0 nl of which is equivalent to 0.2067 gm crude drugs. The carotid blood flow was selectively increased without change in vascular resistance of the hind limb. The internal carotid blood flow reached the maximal efficacy as high as 173% of the control level. Neither the action of potassium ion in the drug nor the histamine release was excluded. The positive inotropic action was demonstrated by the increase in LVP, dP/dtmax, Vmax, CO, TTI and dP/dt-LVP vectogram. Yet HR, BP, EEG, ECG and respiration remained unchanged. All these results may provide a theoretical explanation to HTRP therapeutic effect on neurological sequelae of cerebral vascular accident.


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  • Huang Shou Jian
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  1. 1.Pharmacology DepartmentSun Yat-sen University of Medical SciencesGuanzhouP. R. China

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