Household Arrangements of Older People

  • Susan M. De Vos
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This chapter addresses the household arrangements of older people in Latin America: whether they live with family, and if so, what type of family. Do older people live alone or only as a couple (as in the United States), or do they live in complex family households (as in parts of Asia)? If they live in complex family households, are they households with three or more generations? How are an old person’s living arrangements related to his or her family arrangements?


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  1. 1.
    Some of the ideas in this section were published in a paper by myself and Karen Holder entitled “Measures Comparing Living Arrangements of the Elderly: An Assessment,” in Population and Development Review, Vol. 14, no 4, pp. 688–704.Google Scholar
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    Some of the information presented herein was first published in the paper “Extended Family Living among Older People in Six Latin American Countries,” Journal of Gerontology, SOCIAL SCIENCES, 45(3), S87–S94 (1990).Google Scholar

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