Observations on the Post-Bayh-Dole Rise in University Patenting

  • Richard R. Nelson
Part of the Economics of Science, Technology and Innovation book series (ESTI, volume 23)


This chapter is an interim report on a large, and expanding, study of what lies behind the rise in U.S. university patenting and license revenues that has occurred since the late 1970s, on what have been the consequences of those developments, and the policy issues they raise. The early work on this project was focused on Columbia University. Michael Crow, Annetine Gelijns, Holly Raider, Bhaven Sampat, and Richard Nelson were the principal researchers on this early work. Then the project extended to include the University of California and Stanford, with David Mowery and Arvids Ziedonis joining the research group. Recently the project has expanded further, to include scholars at Johns Hopkins University, Penn State, and Duke University. Other scholars at Case Western Reserve University, Purdue and perhaps others may join us.


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