Metal-Based System via Laser Melting

  • L. Lü
  • J. Y. H. Fuh
  • Y. S. Wong


The advantage of SLS is that it uses only low power laser. However, since the powder is not totally melted during laser scanning, the SLS-processed parts are not fully dense and hence, have relatively low strength. To overcome this disadvantage of traditional SLS, selective laser melting (SLM) and selective laser cladding (SLC) processes have been developed that enable full melting of the powder. Basically, the SLM process is the same as SLS except for the much higher laser energy density used. The powder bed is fully or partially melted directly to form metallic bonding [1]. The selective laser cladding (SLC) process is based on the surface cladding treatment.


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  • J. Y. H. Fuh
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