Marco Polo Technologies

A Model for a Modern TCM Company
  • Robert Yuan


A major challenge today is the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM), particularly herbal preparations, into the global pharmaceutical industry. This paper explains the approach used by a modern TCM Company, Marco Polo Technologies (MPT), working with partners and collaborators in the US, China, and Taiwan. MPT’s ultimate objective is to develop FDA approved therapeutics for the treatment of chronic diseases. The company’s strategy involves the early development of standardized TCM that can be marketed as nutritional supplements in both the US and Asia. The development of FDA therapeutics is based on combinatorial medicines that have a mixture of active compounds. MPT’s activities, including acquiring raw materials, product development, manufacturing, and clinical trials, involve a significant amount of work in China and Taiwan. MPT has now developed three products for skin infections, allergies, and arthritis. In order to gain approval for these products, MPT had to overcome numerous hurdles presented by the FDA and the Patent Office.


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