Design of Clinical Trials to Evaluate Antimycotic Agents in the Treatment of Dermatophyte Infections

  • Beatrice B. Abrams
  • Dennis E. Babel


Dermatophyte infections are among the most prevalent skin infections. They are caused by a group of filamentous fungi, the dermatophytes, which have evolved the ability to degrade keratin, the principal protein of the skin. Since the stratum corneum contains an abundance of this food, most dermatophytes “content themselves” with staying in the superficial regions of the skin. The immune and inflammatory defenses of the body further check the systemic invasion of these organisms. Systemic infections by dermatophytes are almost unknown in healthy hosts


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  • Dennis E. Babel
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  1. 1.Clinical Research, DermatologyNovartis Pharmaceuticals, IncEast Hanover
  2. 2.Mycology Diagnostics LaboratoryClinton Township

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