Re-expansion Pulmonary Edema

  • Kristin Wagner
  • Gregory D. Trachiotis


Re-expansion pulmonary edema (RPE) remains a relatively rare complication of evacuation of air or fluid from the pleural space, rapid reexpansion of substantial atelectasis, or following lung resection. Pulmonary edema following pneumonectomy was first described in the 1940’s by Gibbon and Gibbon, who demonstrated in experimental animals the clinical progression from pulmonary edema to respiratory failure and even death in animals receiving blood product transfusion after lobectomy. The etiology of the edema was thought to be an increase in capillary pressure in the remaining lung, and this theory, as it relates to capillaiy leak and increased interstitial fluid, has similarities to current understanding regarding the pathophysiology of RPE.


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  • Gregory D. Trachiotis

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