Neuroblastoma as a Clinical Entity

  • Nina Felice Schor


Neuroblastoma is among the most common of childhood malignancies. With an incidence of 1/100,000 children, it is the most common extracranial solid tumor of childhood. It arises from the neural crest cells of the sympathetic nervous system, and can occur anywhere along the sympathetic chain or in the adrenal medulla. The abdomen is the most common site of primary disease, with half of these occurring in the adrenal medulla (Alexander, 2000). Primary neuroblastomas are also seen in the chest (Alexander, 2000), pelvis (Knoedler et at., 1989), and, less commonly, brain, head and neck (Schochet et al., 1975; Brown et al., 1978; Bennett and Rubinstein, 1984; Miller et al., 1984; Poon et al., 1988). In rare circumstances, apparently multifocal primary tumors have been reported (Hiyama et al., 2000).


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