Overview on the Ultrathin Films Formation of II-VI Compound Semiconductors on Silver by Electrochemical Atomic Layer Epitaxy

  • M. Innocenti
  • G. Pezzatini
  • F. Loglio
  • M. L. Foresti


The Electrochemical Atomic Layer Epitaxy methodology was employed for the growth of cadmium and zinc chalcogenides on Ag(111). The different compounds were obtained by depositing alternate layers of chalcogen and metal at underpotential. The first layer, i.e. the layer deposited on the bare silver substrate, was the chalcogen. The principal features of S, Se and Te UPD layers on Ag(l 11) together with the experimental conditions for the attainment of the different chalcogenides of cadmium and zinc are described.

Whenever examined by chronocoulometric or voltammetric analyses, the chalcogen or metal UPD layers were found to grow with a two-dimensional mechanism. This mechanism is consistent with layer-by-layer growth which is a good prerequisite for epitaxial deposits. The amount of metal and chalcogen deposited in a given number of cycles was determined by stripping the deposits first anodically and then cathodically. It is a function of the number of cycles employed, again suggesting a layer-by-layer growth.

Table 1 summarizes the charges associated with each layer of metal and chalcogen for the different compounds. A ratio metal/chalcogen very close to unity is generally obtained.


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  • M. Innocenti
  • G. Pezzatini
  • F. Loglio
  • M. L. Foresti

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