Family Bubaridae Topsent, 1894

  • Belinda Alvarez
  • Rob W. M. Van Soest


Bubaridae Topsent (Demospongiae, Halichondrida) is used here in the restricted sense of Topsent (1928c) to group exclusively encrusting forms that were related to the family Axinellidae at one time or another. The family includes four valid genera and approximately 30 species, characterised by a basal layer of interlacing spicules, generally diactines, and erect monactines spicules, with bases embedded in the basal layer, projecting perpendicularly to the substratum. Most species of the family are found in deep waters down to 1300 m but shallow water species are also known.


Demospongiae Halichondrida Bubaridae Bubaris Cerbaris Hymerhabdia Monocrepidium 


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  • Belinda Alvarez
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  • Rob W. M. Van Soest
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  2. 2.Zoological Museum, Faculty of ScienceUniversity of AmsterdamAmsterdamThe Netherlands

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